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The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Seacoast Division 1 November 2, 2009

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Gail Duffy,

President, 742-6010

Ellen Hawkins,

Vice President, 742-2343

Rhonda Zabielski,

Recording Secretary,


Valerie Gillen,

Fin. Secretary, 742-3215

Sheila Marquette,

Treasurer, 664-5596

Janet Lucco,

Historian, 742-7590

Susan Kilday,

Catholic Action, 743-4893

Maureen Collopy,

Missions and Charities,


Jeanne McShane,

Mistress at Arms, 742-4096

Joan Folger,

Sentinel, 207-748-3279

LAOH Day of Recollection:

The Day of Reflection, on October 10th, at St. Theresa's in Rye was wonderful.  Of course being with Father Fritz is such a relaxing and congenial time.  We had a give and take conversation about Church history and where we are at today.  Of course the conversation revolved around the "MEN" being in charge of the Church.  You can imagine how that went!! 

Billy Gabriel, the 17 year-old young man, was such an inspiration.  He is such a spiritual person and so comfortable with himself.  Billy does much with teaching the young kids today.  I have not known another young person like himself.  He will go far.

     We had a Mass and then a most delightful pot luck lunch.  Maire made a delicious green, white and orange dessert.  It was so appropriate.  We will discuss more of the day at our next meeting. 

                                                            Yours truly, from the sisterhood of LAOH,

Janet Lucco

Correspondence to Soldiers: We have decided that, rather than obtaining names of soldiers to write to, we would put together a “care package” which will go to the whole unit of a soldier that we already know. Phyllis Howard's grandson Bob is currently in Afghanistan, so we will start with his unit. Every LAOH member should bring 1 or 2 items to next Monday's meeting. The following is a list of things that they need.

Shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving items, writing paper/envelopes, playing cards, POWDERED gatorade and candy bars.

Some of these items (like the candy bars) are given, by the soldiers, to the locals as a sign of good will.

Weather is cooler there now, so it will be fine to mail the chocolate.

If you are unable to make it to the meeting, please call either Phyllis Howard or Val Gillen so that we can get your donation. We would like to get this package over there by December, so it needs to be mailed ASAP. Thank you very much!!

LAOH Fundraising: The LAOH is in need of ideas/suggestions on ways to raise funds. We have discussed having a bake sale. We welcome suggestions as to dates and locations. Another idea was a raffle. Maire Mclaughlin has donated a beautiful Waterford Crystal Vase to raffle off and we have a gorgeous afghan handmade by another of our members.

Thanksgiving baskets/Christmas toys: It is that time of year again. We are leaving this up to our members. If you are interested in making a donation toward a Thanksgiving basket for a family in need....please bring your donation(s) directly to the police department. Unwrapped Christmas toys can be brought to the fire department. Mention that you are a member of the LAOH.

November LAOH meeting: This month's meeting is this coming Monday, November 9 at 7pm downstairs at Kelley's Row in downtown Dover.

Snacks for meeting: Again, please think about bringing a snack to share at this month's meeting.

Get Well Cards, etc.: Veronika Burke needs get well cards to send to members when they are ill. If you have any cards that you can donate, please bring to Monday's meeting. Stamps are always appreciated too!!

Web site/Domain Name: Well, I remembered to cancel service so that we are not charged for a domain name in January...but I neglected to move our page to another host before they pulled the plug. Hopefully I will have it somewhere new by the next meeting!

LAOH Dues: Several LAOH members still owe dues. If you are unsure as to your status, please call Val to check.

LAOH Pictures: Gail is still looking for any pictures that you have. Either send them to her or email them to

Stamps for the Missions: Phyllis Howard has found a new mission that is requesting canceled stamps. Please call her at 749-0349 or bring them to the next meeting.

Transportation: If anyone is in need of a ride to the meeting, call Gail at 742-6010 and we will arrange for someone to pick you up and bring you home. Please give us a few days notice! (Or call Mary Goodwin at 740-9430 anytime—I can swing by for you!)

Coming Events:

Irish Music Sessions -

Rocky Rockwood - Monday nights at Kelley's from 7:30-10 (head up there when our meeting is over. This is a great session.) and also

Sunday afternoons at Ri Ra Pub in Market Square, Portsmouth, 5-8:30

Barley pub 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7 pm.

Genealogy – If you are interested in working on your Irish Genealogy with SICA, please call Maureen Collopy at 742-5584 for information.